New Games We Love – the best games for iPhone and iPad featured by Apple

New Games We Love is a section of applications available for some time in the Apple App Store, it is listed in the most important weekly updates us the most popular games of the App Store.

Currently section lists dozens of the most popular games available in the App Store, much of which was launched shortly after by their developers.

Given that several weeks of days employees to choose Apple put all the applications that are promoted in these sections of the App Store, you can be sure that whatever you choose to download the application, it will be suitable for your needs.

Section was conceived the idea of allowing a new promotion of securities that may have been out of the spotlight lately, she is welcome to.


IPhone 7 release date compared to all past data

Although almost two months separate us from the moment the iPhone 7 will be released, or even iPhone 6 SE, here today we see a table where we are shows a comparison of all the data presentation and launch terminals iPhone of Apple, from 2007 until now.

You can see in the picture below that between 2008 and 2010, the company Apple has chosen throughout June to present new models of iPhone, release dates ranging over time depending on how production could be achieved terminals, things, changing be after the release of iPhone 4S.

Specifically, in the last 5 years Apple chose to launch the new terminal iPhone just fall iPhone 4S with the later launch date, the year after it all terminals are presented in the first part of September and officially launched in the he second part of the month, with the later iPhone 6S release date.

Release September 16, the earliest of the last 5 years

A few days ago we were told that the launch of the iPhone 7 will take place in 16 September, which almost exat mid, and many raised eyebrows by saying that this is not possible, but I explained yesterday why the release date of iPhone 7 it is so early, so it would have to exist doubts.

Data launches iphone

iPhone 7 will be released 9 days earlier than iPhone 6 S and on to old releases, the situation is not really that hard to believe, especially as the iPhone 6 S was launched six days later than the iPhone 6 year Apple leaving last no less than 16 days between the official presentation and launch.

The situation now is forcing Apple to launch iPhone 7 launch earlier than he wanted, and that in order to present sales pretty good for Q3 2016 the first weekend and the following days can have a major impact on the figures announced by the company Apple’s last fiscal quarter or financial year.

That said, as is the case now, the iPhone 7 launch of 16 September seems quite safe, and confirmation we have on since mid-August, then will be sent invitations for the event that the Cupertino would sport must ail organize to this terminal.

10 Most Iconic Heroes – games the most famous heroes

10 Most Iconic Heroes is a new section of applications available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch sites our, and according to Apple in it are listed only games that heroes known worldwide by users of movies or comics.

10 Most Iconic Heroes is designed primarily for those who are fans of games created based on the stories of heroes known, so if you are fans of Heroes creations of Disney, Marvel, Nintendo, etc., then this section is ideal for you .

All games from the section 10 Most Iconic Heroes are chosen by the employees of Apple and talk about titles like Lara Croft Go, Transistor, Angry Birds 2 Sonic Dash, Rayman and many other titles that have proven to be extremely popular App Store over the years.


Jailbreaking 101

New to jailbreaking or already looking for how to`s, this is the place for you!

At large, jailbreaking allows your device to do stuff it wouldn`t normally do left alone, as Apple intended it. By the means of various exploits, the process of jailbreaking bypasses inbuilt restrictions by allowing root access to the system administration. The result? You can change, download, install and emulate anything you want without the use of the AppStore.


All those unauthorized apps spell supreme customization for your iDevice; you can modify anything from icons and graphics to themes and wallpapers, using the app of your choosing. The all popular tweak that allows 5 icons at once instead of 4 in the dock simply cannot go unmentioned: that`s the Five Icon Switcher for you. Talking about ultimate modifications, last but not least jailbreaking allows removal of modem SIM restrictions, so that your iPhone can work on any carrier. So it`s new apps, tweaks, mods and an unlocking tool all in one!

Sounds good, but also a bit illegal?

Invoke copyright all you want, jailbreaking has been long made completely legal by the US government. And even if you are outside the States, never once in the history of jailbreaking has Apple sued anyone for jailbreaking their device, so it`s most likely not to happen.

Ok, but doesn`t Apple fight back?

Like voiding warranty or making devices unresponsive?

Well, technically, if you take your jailbroken device to the Apple store you shan`t be given customer support. Of course, this won`t happen, because you can present a pristine device by restoring the factory settings, simple as that, in iTunes. Same solution goes for unresponsive or “stuck” devices too, in case that happens – and that`s pretty much the worst case scenario here, so no worry there either.

What about updates? Or the AppStore?

What about them? All an update will do is overwrite your custom settings with the factory ones. If you want to update your device and jailberak it at the same time, all you need to do is let hackers develop updates of their own and you`re good to go. As far as the AppStore is concerned, you can still use it as it were: nothing will change except it will come with its good looking twin, Cydia.


Yup, or the application that allows you to browse through and install items in the jailbreak catalogue, pretty much like the AppStore, complete with extensions and mods, additional to standard packages. That means you can technically get any AppStore application for free, but that would be illegal and no honest hacker would recommend that.

So that makes jailbreaking free. Anytyhing else I need to know before getting it?

Yes, it is free. You may be asked for some kind of incentive by a third party to do it for you, but developers do put it out there for free.

Well, first thing first, there are three types of jailbreaks that get constantly updated, and the choosing of one or the other depends mostly on the type of computer you use to run the software and the device itself. And yes, it`s that easy: you simply run the software on your iOS after plugging it in your computer.



iOS 10 increases battery life compared to iOS 9.3.2

Increases battery life in iOS  10 vs. iOS 9.3.2 , Apple managed to significantly improve its products this feature.

iOS 10 to be released in autumn this year by Apple, but since the beta versions of the OS we can see that the battery starts to be improved on iPhones that are compatible with this software, the video below stand as proof of this.

Although normally no one would have expected that a beta version of an upgrade so important to improve battery life iDevice sites, here Apple has managed to do this by build-sites launched to date for iOS 10 and this makes us face the future with great confidence.

Apple started to improve battery iOS 10 since the first beta of the operating system and in the video below you will see that in certain devices usage period increased by several tens of minutes after installing this build of iOS 10.

The even better is that after installing iOS 10 beta 2 battery increased by another few tens of minutes to other terminals iPhone, a sign that Apple has managed to improve further the way the operating system consume energy available in battery operation of its products.

On the other hand, if other devices talk about a slight reduction in battery life in iOS 10 beta 2 from the first version of the operating system, so there is a setback for some terminals, a situation quite unusual since if other devices the situation is completely different.

Separately battery life, you can see in the video above as including performance iPhones were improved significantly after installing iOS 10 beta 1 and beta 2, and this is a surprise and more enjoyable, because in general there are only setback in this situation, but Apple seems to think differently.

Of course in addition to these improvements, iOS 10 has problems and they are not few, but if you want to bother with this update, then you have to accept including problems that it brings because it’s all part of the package offered by Apple to developers and users.

That said, here we told you how install iOS  10 beta 2 and  here have told how  install iOS 10 public beta 1, both identical and offering the exact same experience.

10 iCloud iOS enables prioritization of app downloads

 In iOS 10 iCloud is part of an important improvement for reinstalling a backup in  iPad or iPod Touch, so users can choose to prioritize certain applications over others installation existing backup image below is very suggestive. iOS-10-iClou

Basically, after you do a restore terminal you and choose to use a backup to iCloud, you will be able to use 3D Touch to pick certain applications to be installed with priority over others, iOS 10 bringing them top the list for downloading and installing the backup.

The idea itself is not very complicated, and the functionality exists only for iDevice sites that have 3D Touch because we are talking about a short cut that was implemented by Apple and only iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus at the moment 3D Touch that benefit from the system.

Currently, iOS 9 makes stop downloading certain applications than others to be installed ahead of them, but this new system implemented in 10 iCloud iOS does not block any download, but prioritizes downloading certain applications over others available.

iOS 10 iCloud prioritization download new function offered by Apple for iCloud in the iOS 10 is not revolutionary, but it is very useful because we can exclude specific applications from a backup to be available before others in our terminals, so there will be We expect the operating system to go through the normal installation procedure.

Fix for status bar issues with StatusBarFix2 Cydia Tweak

If you’ve been installing a wide range of tweaks and discover the status bar acts strangely when opening programs, you’re not alone. The status bar problem continues to be a notable bug for plenty of users that have been trying out various Cydia tweaks.

StatusBarFix2, released by pNre, is a tweak made to remove status bar problems that crop up when you start installing Cydia tweaks. Problems may be varied but most notably, its status bar not altering the color or not vanishing when using fullscreen programs.


Its open source and accessible on github for programmers to test its security.
The tweak does nothing but simply mends any problems that crop up using the status bar. It’s a hit or miss probability of working on iPhone 5s but by and large, individuals have reported success utilizing the tweak.

The best way to Install Statusbarfix2:

Open Cydia
Visit Handle ? Sources
Exploit on Edit and then on Add to include this repo:
Currently, the recent upgrade of StatusBarFix2 repairs outstanding status bar problems like:

Color of the text
No vanishing in fullscreen programs
Background color/tint
The programmer of the tweak mentions the issue is because Cydia transfers the system programs. Now, if Saurik mends this characteristic, we mightn’t desire StatusBarFix2.

Another way to Install Cydia on iOS 9

Some people think that they have the knowhow to install Cydia without jailbreak iOS 8 or on iDevice. I did an investigation on multiple sites, such as YouTube and Google about implementing and downloading Cydia with no jailbreaking the iPhone or iPad but sadly I discovered is not possible to install Cydia on Devices that don’t use jailbreak.  OpenAppMkt

It is required to have jailbreak for your iOS on iPhone, iPad in order for Cydia to function. There is logic behind that, Cydia requires root access on the iOS and on your non-jailbreak, iOS does not have access to the root area because it is restricted by Apple. When you purchase a new Apple device if you desire third party applications you have to obtain Cydia. To install Cydia we will use OpenAppMkt.

To help you I came up with some methodologies on how to install Cydia on my non jailbreak iDevice but I was unable to have Cydia. If you wish you can see what happened.

  1. First step use OpenAppMarket to install Cydia from
  2. Click on the “Free” button to download the product.
  3. When downloading is finished the pop us will appear. Click to install the application.
  4. Click on the Home screen option.
  5. Wait for Cydia to load and click on the add button.
  6. You can see Cydia application icon on your iDevice.
  7. After taking some time, then cydia will load.

The issue is that after these steps the result is a White Screen and the iPhone is blocked and I need to restart it. Don’t forget when you search for cydia in OpenAppMkt it should be for iOS 8.

I watched many videos and processes on the net, but many of them are unreal and non workable. I used a ton of them but with no result for my iPhone. Maybe some of them might function for yourself, then you can have a problem going forward by using your iDevice, so my advice is to use jailbreak for your IOS 8 and after that install Cydia to get the usefulness of third party Cydia related apps and a lots more.

iPhone Camera Cydia Tweaks CamBright iOS 9

It operates great for me personally in just about all programs as well as the homescreen. And mainly, it conserves me battery.

Nevertheless, while its time to open the camera and shoot several pics or click a video or two, things could possibly get real bothersome in the event the brightness isnt complete. Turning the brightness to complete whenever that I open the camera is kind of boring despite having NCSettings to immediately configure the brightness.

Which can be why, CamBright is a tweak that works excellent for me personally and Im thinking it will help solve an issue for lots of battery-aware iPhone users out there.

It’s almost universally understood that about the iPhone, for those who are in possession of a poor brightness setting, you’re not going to pleased with the camera user experience. Thats a fact for just about any smartphone or for that matter, any digital camera also.

CamBright works just for the camera program and naturally, were looking for more support in the tweak therefore it works on any program which gets the camera.

CamBright has no settings to tweak or alter when you install. It activates automatically when you install and open the camera program. I’m presuming this ought to be an enormous relief to people using the camera sometimes whilst getting the iPhone brightness reduced to conserve battery.

CamBright is on the BigBoss repo free of charge. Try it outside.

About Cydia and App Store

A few years ago if we made a comparison between Cydia and App Store, App Store would have got the best score on installing, managing and offering support. But now all have changed because Cydia can do the same things as App Store, you can manage your paid apps via a google account. But still it misses some simple things, like the uninstalling of a app, tap and hold your finger on icon until they all start to wiggle and have X button upper left corner of each app. But how can you donwload cydia apps from the best cydia sources? Well you can bring this nice feature to Cydia apps with Cydelete.


But what about the backup function in iTunes where you can backup all your apps. Well there is a way you can backup your cydia apps and tweaks, with pkgBackup. For example you want to restore your iPhone you simply use pkgBackup to backup and then you start restoring your iPhone then restore App Store apps using iTunes and then rest your cydia packages using pkgBackup.appstore

Even though there are not linked the two communities are kind of completing each other or copying.

In iOS 7 we see something like Auxo, SBSettings, IntelliScreenX, Zephyr, BlurriedNCBackground. These are just a few. But in Cydia world we also see themes that copy the Home screen of iOS 7, there is also a lockscreen theme for the same iOS 7 look, a tweak that adds a moving effect of the wallpaper when is tilted.